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10 Ways to Make Your New Hampshire Fall Open House Extra-Cozy

Corina Cisneros

Licensed Real Estate Associate Broker/Owner (9 years experience)SpecialtiesBuyer's agent and Listing agent, Waterfront, Luxury, Single Family, New Con...

Licensed Real Estate Associate Broker/Owner (9 years experience)SpecialtiesBuyer's agent and Listing agent, Waterfront, Luxury, Single Family, New Con...

Sep 18 12 minutes read

As the leaves change and the weather cools, especially here in the picturesque Lakes Region of New Hampshire, fall provides the perfect backdrop for big changes and fresh starts—like selling your home. If you've been considering putting your New England home on the market, now is an exceptional time. Hosting a fall open house in this season of renewal can generate excitement about your property, attract potential buyers, and showcase what makes your home uniquely New England. This autumn, use these 11 tips to make your New Hampshire fall open house extra-cozy and bring the offers rolling in.

1. Start with repairs, maintenance, and fall projects

Before you dive into the cozy decor and New England-themed treats, ensure your property is in top shape. Don't forget to winterize your pipes, a task particularly important in colder New England climates. If you have fall landscaping projects to finish up, now is the time. Rake the leaves, clean up any debris, and make sure everything is neat and in good repair. A well-maintained home not only enhances curb appeal but also demonstrates care and attention to potential buyers.

2. Boost fall curb appeal

Consider adding some New England flair to your exterior. Decorate with locally sourced pumpkins, or even a tasteful display of seasonal New Hampshire apples. The regional touch will resonate with local buyers. Once your home is clean and repaired, it’s time to think about the aesthetics. A buyer’s first in-person impression of your home starts as they’re walking up to it—so it’s important that your curb appeal is dialed in. If you have deciduous trees on your property, you already have a beautiful fall color show to help you out. Add to that inviting exterior by cleaning your siding and giving your home a fresh coat of paint. Add a clean welcome mat if you don’t already have one, and make sure the paint on your front door looks new.

3. Bring out the autumn decor

Embrace fall color palettes inspired by the New Hampshire foliage—rich reds, deep oranges, and earthy browns are not just trendy; they reflect our local landscape. The wonderful thing about a fall-themed open house is that cozy decor makes your house feel more like home to potential buyers. How do you take advantage of this? Instead of leaning into obvious fall motifs like scarecrows and falling leaves everywhere, incorporate more subtle touches. Embrace fall color palettes with rich reds, deep oranges, and earthy browns, or go with more trendy fall colors like soft peaches and warm honey tones. If you’d rather not paint the walls, bring these hues into your pillows, table settings, and wall art. A tasteful fall centerpiece on the dining table can also add a cozy touch.

4. Offer warm beverages

How about adding some local apple cider from a New Hampshire orchard to your beverage station? It's a comforting local touch that can delight visitors. Nothing says "cozy" like a hot cup of cider, cocoa, or spiced tea. Set up a beverage station at your open house with a variety of warm drink options, along with cups, stirring sticks, and creamers. The comforting aroma of these beverages can create an instant feeling of warmth and hospitality.

5. Don’t forget the snacks

Include some New England favorites like whoopie pies or maple-flavored treats, which can satisfy guests' cravings and add to the overall cozy atmosphere. You can also complement the warm beverages with a selection of fall-themed snacks. Mini apple pies, pumpkin cookies, and rustic charcuterie boards are just a few ideas that can satisfy guests' cravings and add to the overall cozy atmosphere. Just be sure to avoid common allergens like nuts, which are prevalent in fall-themed recipes.

6. Crank up that fireplace

In New England, fireplaces are more than just a cozy luxury—they're often a necessity during our chilly autumns and winters. Lighting your fireplace can showcase its functionality in addition to setting a comforting atmosphere. If your home has a fireplace, make sure it's operational and light it up during the open house. You don’t want to overheat the place, but the flickering flames and crackling sounds of a working fireplace provide a soothing ambiance that's hard to resist—especially on a crisp fall day.

7. Break out the fuzzy blankets

How about adding a few wool blankets from a local New Hampshire or New England vendor? This not only supports local businesses but also adds a homey, regional touch. For maximum coziness, consider draping fuzzy blankets over couches and chairs. Not only do they add texture and warmth to the decor, but they also encourage potential buyers to settle in and envision themselves living in the space.

8. Hang curtains—or switch them out

If you're in a more historic New England home, curtains with a traditional colonial print can add a sense of place and history to your decor. Updating or adding curtains with heavier fabrics in fall colors can make the interior of your home feel cozier. Fall is a time for warmth and nostalgia—and dressing your windows with on-theme curtains provides insulation and also enhances the overall aesthetic of the room.

9. Get textured

Incorporate textures like wool and flannel that not only make a room feel more inviting but are also practical for New Hampshire winters. Throw pillows and area rugs with these materials can make a room feel more inviting and comfortable.

10. Consider the lighting

In the shorter days of a New Hampshire fall, good lighting is crucial. Consider adding some traditional New England lanterns to illuminate walkways. Good lighting is a number one must-have on many buyer wish lists, and as the days get shorter, it becomes increasingly important. At your open house, make sure to optimize the natural light you have to let the sunlight pour in. Clean the windows, open the blinds and curtains, and make your space feel open. For a cozy fall feeling in your artificial lighting, opt for soft options like table and floor lamps with warm-toned bulbs. You can also use string lights in strategic places to make your home feel a little bit magical.

Bonus: Highlight local amenities

Take a moment during the open house to mention nearby amenities like local farmers' markets for autumn produce or popular fall foliage viewing spots. This can help potential buyers envision a lifestyle in addition to a home.

Incorporating these eleven cozy touches into your fall open house in New Hampshire can help potential buyers envision themselves living in the property and making the most of what our beautiful region has to offer. By creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that reflects the local culture and landscape, you'll not only leave a lasting impression but also have a greater chance of closing the deal. Happy selling in the Granite State!

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